Stefani Kuo 郭佳怡

playwright | actor | poet

Architecture of rain

75 Minutes, 4W

Physically housed in a glass home of forgetfulness, Sol, Scy, and Silina rebuild and remember All-Grown-Up in the wake of her death. A girl who died at the age of eight, All-Grown-Up enters as a memory, repairing the house with her presence and taking it down with her when they forget. Architecture of Rainis the story about the secondary death of a loved one with forgetting. From Scy's departure from home to boarding school, to Silina's rebellion against her mother Sol's grief, the narrative follows the three living women as they struggle to reconcile their individual recollections of All-Grown-Up.

delicacy of a puffin heart

90 minutes, 5W

In a small San Francisco apartment in the 1990’s, Meryl and Ana Sofia, a lesbian couple, attempt to conceive a child through in-vitro fertilization while navigating Meryl's bipolar disorder II. In the same apartment two decades later, their daughter, Robyn and her roommate Hadley are forced to navigate their friendship through Robyn's cancer. In the struggle to take control of their lives, relationships, and illnesses four women unravel the complexity of their Asian, Bulgarian, and outsider to American identities and experience the potential loss of female friendship and sense of self: What does it mean to love someone honestly even when they are incapable of being honest with themselves?

Little Stubby Wings, Like She Could’ve Glued Them Onis a fantastical journey of one woman’s experience of trauma. The play is our protagonist Stefani’s story and each character takes shape according to her memory and understanding them. From the victims of each car accident to fictional characters from popular animations such as Totoro, Dora the Explorer, and UpLittle Stubby Wings shows the complexity of how trauma and grief can be triggered. The play begins with a car accident in Baltimore, Maryland, involving two elderly Chinese passengers on American Airlines, and immediately slingshots Stefani back to her sister’s death. In trying to rewrite the death of her sister Mei, Stefani takes a pilgrimage through her memories with Mei. From Totoro’s Catbus to George and Martha, the children’s book, Stefani finds herself thrown back and forth between the fantasy of what could have been and the reality of what she has lost. 

little stubby wings, like she could’ve glued them on

70 minutes, 6W, 1M

Tongue Grafting is a play written in three languages, English, French, and Mandarin. Tongue grafting refers to both a horticultural transposing of seeds into a different ground and the forgetting and acquisition of a new language or culture. It follows a young woman, Sylvie, as she begins to discover her own sense of loneliness at home with her single father and ailing grandmother, the sense of cultural displacement in the United States where she attends university, and finally in France where she tries to root herself in a new home, a new tongue, and an unsuccessfully new body. Translation is the act of going from point A to point B, and Sylvie is constantly caught between the two. Sylvie flees to France for the summer to start over, with a completely new language and home, only to find Ninon, her host mother, an eccentric but neglected matriarch of her family. It is in France that Sylvie begins to find the disconnect between her physical desires and lack of physical intimacy with men. Where does loneliness stem from? And how does one begin to heal? 

Tongue grafting

90 minutes, 4W, 3M